Guangzhou Suixin logistics Co., Ltd. is approved by the Transport Bureau of Guangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone and the State Department of Commerce, bureau of

industry and commerce registration according to law, the registration of large domestic and international comprehensive logistics industrial enterprises. The company's actual investment capital of about eight million yuan, the annual turnover is over fifteen million. We have branches in Guangzhou, Whampoa, Development Zone, Guangzhou bonded logistics park, Guangzhou, Nansha District, has the domestic road transport permits, customs clearance agent, international freight agency, domestic shipping license, international trade agency..

Suixin logistics warehousing industry rapid development, the company has Guangzhou Huangpu warehouse, Guangzhou Luogang Development Zone warehouse, Dongguan warehouse and

other large warehouse. Warehouse type: ordinary warehouse, constant temperature warehouse, bonded logistics park warehouse. Total area: 40000 square meters, of which Guangzhou

bonded logistics park warehouse area: 6000 square meters. Storage related business: domestic and international logistics transit of goods storage, handling, processing, packaging, etc..

Company involved in import and export customs declaration port: Huangpu old port of each terminal (Huangpu Wuchong wharf, Huangpu BIG wharf,Huangpu Garley terminal),Huangpu New

port  each terminal set our terminal(Huangpu JISI wharf, Huangpu Dongjiang Sinotrans warehouse wharf, Huangpu Quantong materials wharf, Huangpu Dongjiang port wharf(formerly the

city of Macau Ferry Terminal),  the development of District of Guangzhou port, Guangzhou Development Zone port, Guangzhou Nansha Xingang port, Guangzhou air port, Guangzhou Jiaoxin harbor, Guangzhou Changtong ferry, Shenzhen Yantian port, Shekou port,ect..

Suixin Logistics is a logistics industrial company with constantly opening up the development, the company has dozens of small, medium, large container trucks (1.5 tons, 3tons, 5 tons,8 tons

of vehicles, 10 tons, 12 tons of vehicles, 15 tons, 20 tons, 25 tons), container trailers, customs supervision of van, dangerous goods operation trailers,and van (see our own vehicles table).

Domestic transportation coverage: the Pearl River Delta transport, inter provincial transportation;transport of general cargo, dangerous goods transport.Main business of Suixin Logistics is:

international freight forwarders,customs & inspection clearance services,international trade business,the road transport of Guangdong province and outside ,domestic shipping forwarders,

bonded warehouse business,general warehouse business,loading and unloading

business,packing business,and other logistics operations of Guangzhou Bonded

Logistics Park.

We have rights for export and import trading business inChina. We

can import and export the goods such as,chemicals, shoes, garments,

electricity goods, furnitures, bags, TV-SETS, machines and the others

etc.Involved in the imp.&exp. customs declaration ports and districs

such as,Huangpu Ports,Guangzhou Ports,Nansha Ports,Shenzhen ports ,

GuangzhouAir Port,Guangzhou bonded logistics zone etc.

For meets the market development need, our company holds the opportunity,

positively meets the challenge,we have formed taking the Huangpu, Guangzhou

development district, Shenzheng as the center,radiates the Zhujiang Delta highway

transportation network, and international logistics network to all over the world.

With the support of many customers and friends, we are towards sustainable

development direction to stride forward! In order to serve the customers of the

concern and support, we will go to all lengths, based in Huangpu, and constantly

open up the Pearl River Delta, domestic and international logistics business, for

the customer provides a full range of services in the domestic and international

logistics and the entire Pearl triangle! More and more large and medium-sized

enterprises need a comprehensive, reliable, strong international and domestic

logistics providers. We hope to become your best choice!

As long as we keep "Diligent, Pragmatic, Enterprising, Persevere" belief, Suixin Logistics is your best choice! Sincerely hope that old friends and old customers continue to support us as in the past! At the same time also warmly welcome new friends and new customers into our service team, welcome you to consult the Pearl River Delta Road transport (including dangerous goods

transport), inter provincial long-distance transportation, import and export customs clearance,Guangzhou Huangpu international logistics transit of goods storage, loading and unloading of Guangzhou bonded logistics warehousing, bonded logistics parks,agent import and export, domestic sea transport (door to door), international shipping business and so on!transported to wherever in the world you

want it to be taken.