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广州市内短途运输专线:穗新物流提供免费上门提货,安全快捷 运价低!Guangzhou city short distance transport line: guangzhou new logistics to provide free door-to-door delivery, safe and fast freight low!
穗新物流提供长途运输服务(9.6米长车型、12.5米长车型、13米长车型、17米长车型等整车运输服务)Suixin logistics provides long-distance transportation services (complete vehicle transportation services such as 9.6m long model, 12.5m long model,
Suixin logistics has more than 20 vans of various models: 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 25 tons and so on
​Dangerous goods transportation in guangzhou suixin logistics co., LTD includes: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 categories of dangerous goods
Model of our company's customs supervision vehicle:
1. Tons of vehicles under customs supervision: 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons and 10 tons of
穗新物流普通仓库面积:40000平米左右,六个独立仓库,可分租,有独立变压器,装卸设备齐全、水电消防设备齐全,24 小时摄像头监控
Suixin logistics general warehouse area: about 40,000 square meters, six independent warehouses, can be subleased, with independent tr
穗新保税仓库面积:6000平米左右,方便物流操作。集仓储,运输,进出保税区报关报检,装卸等一条龙服务Suixin bonded warehouse area: about 6000 square meters, convenient for logistics operation.Set warehousing, transportation, entry and exit of the bond
Suixin logistics constant temperature warehouse can control the temperature: 0-18 degrees Celsius, 18-25 degrees Celsius, constant temperature warehouse ar
Suixin logistics specializes in import and export declaration and inspection of Huangpu, Guangzhou,Nansha and Shenzhen ports
Guangzhou new logistics has 18 years of professional customs clearance experience, involving a wide range of import and export goods varieties
专业代理国内海运(水运)集装箱运输 业务: 

Pearl river delta transportation/guangzhou transportation/huangpu transportation/luogang transportation/guangzhou logistics/huangpu logistics/luogang logistics/guangdong logistics/pearl river delta logistics is the focus of guangzhou new logistics logistics in the pearl river delta region of guangdong province.

Sbaai specializes in the transport of tons of vehicles (van) in guangdong province:

1. Our company owns more than 20 vans of various models:

3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 25 tons models and so on

2. Specifications and models of various vans:

Below 3 tons: length: 4.3 meters;Width: 1.8 meters;Height: 1.8 meters;

5-ton model: length: 6.4m;Width: 1.8 meters;Height: 1.8 meters;

8-ton model: 7.2 meters long;Width: 2.4 meters;Height: 2.4 meters;

10-15 tons: length: 7.65 meters;Width: 2.4 meters;Height: 2.4 meters;

16-25 ton model: 9.6 meters in length;Width: 2.4 meters;Height: 2.5 m.

4. Suixin logistics specializes in providing: road transport of guangzhou vehicles, logistics and distribution of guangzhou, logistics and distribution of guangzhou partial load, logistics and transportation of guangzhou round-trip vehicles, transportation of guangzhou round-trip vehicles to cities in the pearl river delta, distribution and transportation of guangzhou, and logistics and distribution of partial load (over one ton of goods is our advantage transportation scope);

5. Suixin logistics has built a large-scale huangpu warehousing and logistics center platform, which is attached to huangpu ports and integrates huangpu cargo transit warehousing and transportation and distribution of pearl river delta cities.Specialized in providing huangpu logistics, huangpu distribution logistics, huangpu back car transport, huangpu distribution transport, huangpu small load distribution and transportation;Suixin logistics center is huangpu logistics center, huangpu logistics distribution center, huangpu transportation and transit center, huangpu warehousing center, huangpu warehouse distribution center, huangpu warehousing and logistics center.

6. Suixin logistics has successfully built the freight car distribution and transportation network in the pearl river delta, and realized the distribution and transportation network among cities in the pearl river delta, so as to bring the material benefits of logistics price and more convenient services to customers.

It pays to pay a visit by paying a bus a day that travels through the pearl river delta and guangdong province.

It pays to pay a visit to the pearl river delta by paying a visit to some of the seven tons paid by the pearl river delta region today.

It pays to pay a visit to the pearl river delta by paying it a visit that pays it by paying it by car.

It pays to pay a paying tribute to the logistics paid by guangzhou, huangpu and some other cities in the pearl river delta.Logistics and transportation from pearl river delta cities to guangzhou and huangpu;Guangzhou new logistics has reached the true meaning of distribution and transportation, the true meaning of back car transport;Suixin logistics has a real sense of the majority of customers to reduce the cost of logistics in the pearl river delta strong strength.

Sbaai specializes in container trailer (20 feet, 40 feet container) transportation business in guangdong province:

I. more than 20 self-operated container trailers:

1. Tractor with 260 horsepower to 340 horsepower;

2, flat trailer, frame trailer, three draw long hang, two draw short hang;

3. Trailer length: 12 meters;Width: 2.4 m;

4. Bring 40-foot high container with side door on both sides;

Our heavy trucks can carry double trailers or about 50 tons of goods.

Ii. The container transport and maritime ports involved are:

1. Huangpu new port terminals:

Xingang jisi wharf, huangpu dongjiang shipping warehouse wharf, huangpu quantong material wharf, huangpu dongjiang port wharf;

2. Huangpu old port docks:

Huangpu wuchong wharf, huangpu old port, jiali wharf, yongye wharf, jianxiang wharf;

3. Huangpu suigang wharf and guangbao tong wharf of guangzhou development zone;

4. Huangpu xinsha port;

5. Nansha xingang, guangzhou;

6. Guangzhou xinfeng port wharf, guangzhou jiao kou wharf and guangzhou changtong wharf;

7. Shenzhen ports: yantian port and shekou port.

Sbaai specializes in the customs supervision vehicle transport business:

I. model of our company's customs supervision vehicle:

1. Tons of vehicles under customs supervision: 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons and 10 tons of vehicles under customs supervision

2. Customs supervision trailer: there are 15 customs supervision trailers.

Ii. Transportation route (scope) of the vehicles under our customs supervision:

Huangpu customs area -- shenzhen customs area, guangzhou customs area (including guangzhou airport), dongguan customs, huizhou customs, qingyuan customs, foshan customs, panyu customs, nansha customs, zhaoqing customs, jiangmen customs, zhongshan customs, zhuhai customs, etc.;

2. Guangzhou bonded logistics park -- nansha logistics park, shenzhen logistics park, guangzhou airport, shenzhen ports, etc.;

3. Our company's customs supervision vehicles do not transport across provinces.

Specialized in the transport of dangerous goods within the scope of the pearl river delta:

I. types and models of dangerous goods transportation:

1. Categories of dangerous goods transportation in guangzhou new logistics co., LTD include: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 categories of dangerous goods;

2. Suixin logistics has tons of dangerous goods transport vehicles: 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons and 10 tons;

3. Suixin logistics has dangerous goods transport trailers: 20-foot short trailer, 40-foot long trailer, frame trailer, flat trailer and other container trailer models;

4. Guangzhou new logistics co., ltd. provides bulk cargo of the above categories of dangerous goods and pearl river delta transportation of container goods.

Ii. Transport of dangerous goods transport of dangerous goods involves the following terminals:

1. Huangpu new port terminals:

Jisi wharf, dongjiang external transport warehouse wharf, quantong material wharf, suigang wharf and guangtong wharf;

2. Huangpu old port docks:

Wuchong wharf, grand wharf, jiali wharf, yuzhu wharf, etc.

3. Terminals of nansha new port.

Iii. Transportation scope of self-operated dangerous goods transport vehicles of suixin logistics:

1. Transport of all kinds of dangerous goods (category 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9) in the pearl river delta region;

2. Transport of dangerous goods in other regions of guangdong province;

3. Guangzhou new self-operated dangerous goods vehicles do not transport dangerous goods across provinces.

Iv. Types and quantities of self-operated dangerous goods transport vehicles of suixin logistics:

1. Six dangerous goods container transport trailers, flat trailer and container trailer;

2. 5 dangerous goods transport vans (including 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons and 12 tons).

Sbaai specializes in the pearl river delta region of the back of the car (return) transport business:

1. Transport service of freight buses within the pearl river delta region (guangzhou to shenzhen);Guangzhou to nansha;Guangzhou to foshan;Guangzhou to zhongshan;Guangzhou to baiyun airport and other freight buses, every morning and evening opposite);

2, within the scope of the pearl river delta 1-6 tons of goods distribution and transportation services, today to tomorrow, the transport cost is only about 60% of the vehicle transport;

3, the pearl river delta region within the back of the car transport services, greatly reduce the customer's transport costs;

4. There are many dedicated routes for the pearl river delta back journey (return journey) and distribution business:

Shenzhen baoan lines to to guangzhou to guangzhou, shenzhen longgang, shenzhen lines to the airport to guangzhou airport to guangzhou, dongguan, dongguan step line to guangzhou, dongguan Lao Lao to baiyun district line, dongguan Lao steps to lines to guangzhou airport to guangzhou, panyu, guangzhou nansha to line, lines to zhongshan to guangzhou, zhongshan to dongguan, zhongshan to the lines to shenzhen to guangzhou, jiangmen, jiangmen to the lines to dongguan, jiangmen to shenzhen to guangzhou, foshan, foshan to lines to dongguan to shenzhen, foshan, zhuhai to guangzhou, zhuhai to lines to dongguan to shenzhen, zhuhai, yangjiang to guangzhou line, enping to guangzhou to guangzhou line, kaiping line of yangjiang, yangjiang to dongguan line, line to shenzhen, enping to dongguan line, enping to shenzhen line, kaiping to dongguan line, kaiping to shenzhen line, qingyuan to guangzhou line, qingyuan to dongguan line, qingyuan to shenzhen line, qingyuan to foshan line, qingyuan to zhongshan line, qingyuan to panyu line, shaoguan to guangzhou line, shaoguan to dongguan line, shaoguan to panyu line, shaoguan to shenzhen line...

Sbaai specializes in domestic highway long-distance transport business:

1. Provide door-to-door pick-up and door-to-door long-distance transportation service for destination delivery;

2. Provide bulk carpooling (part-load) long-distance transportation service;

3. Provide long-distance transportation services of the whole vehicle (9.6 meters long, 12.5 meters long, 13 meters long and 17 meters long);

4. Provide all kinds of long-distance road transportation services of dangerous goods (whole-journey transportation of dangerous goods by vehicles);

5. Main long-distance transportation route of our company:

Professional agent to and from Hong Kong, Macao transport business:

1. Transportation route: guangzhou development zone customs depot to Hong Kong and Macao;

2. Models involved: 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons and 12 tons of van models;

20 'and 40' container trailer models;

3. Provide door-to-door pick-up, destination delivery and door-to-door transportation services;

4. Provide warehousing and transit services for Hong Kong and Macao goods in guangzhou development zone.

Welcome to consult the above transportation business!